17 April 2014

“The gifts of the Master are these: freedom, life, hope, new direction, transformation, and intimacy with God. If the cross was the end of the story, we would have no hope. But the cross isn’t the end. Jesus didn’t escape from death; he conquered it and opened the way to heaven for all who will dare to believe. The truth of this moment, if we let it sweep over us, is stunning. It means Jesus really is who he claimed to be, we are really as lost as he said we are, and he really is the only way for us to intimately and spiritually connect with God again.”  [Steven James : 'Story']

Find out more about His amazing ‘Story’ by joining us on Easter Sunday morning at 10:30. We look forward to welcoming you!



Fatherhood 01

20 March 2014

We’re really looking forward to this coming Sunday morning when we shall be running our first ‘Church has changed!’ service. If you have never been to a service at M.C.F., (or you came to one a long time ago and left it disappointed for whatever reason), we would love to think you could join us on the morning of Sunday, 23rd March, when we can assure you of the warmest of welcomes! This special service will start at the usual time of 10:30, but we would encourage you to arrive a good 10-15 minutes early in order to miss the last minute rush! And at the end of the service, please stay and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with us before you head for home.

4 March 2014

We thank God for another wonderfully encouraging weekend: A new record number of men (68) at the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday morning and a truly inspiring talk from local GP, Dr. James Buckle; a great time at ‘Messy Church’ in the afternoon, when we explored the theme of ‘loving other people’; a powerful service of worship, word and communion on Sunday morning; and a fascinating talk about Israel’s place in God’s purposes in the evening!

Now we’re looking forward to next Sunday, (9th), when we shall be holding our ‘Annual General Meeting’, following our morning service and a shared lunch. If you can join us on Sunday morning at 10:30, we would love to see you!



16 February 2014

There’s an old children’s song that includes the words: “The rains came down and the floods came up” ~ and, sadly, that’s how it continues to be here in South Somerset, along with many other parts of the country. Whilst we have had the odd road closure in and around Martock, we have been very fortunate in that we have seen very little flooding. But, needless to say, our hearts go out to, and our prayers go up for, all those who have been so badly affected by this unprecedented spell of weather.

Within the fellowship much is happening! God is evidently at work and we’re thankful that we so regularly sense His presence amongst us as we meet together. Our Sunday morning ‘Encounters with Jesus’ series is proving to be a particular source of blessing to many. You can catch up with the early talks in this series on our ‘audio sermons’ page, under the ‘media’ link above.

27 January 2014

We give thanks for another run of encouraging and challenging Sundays at M.C.F.. The village ‘pulpit swap’ worked very well on 19th January, with M.C.F. enjoying the visit of the local U.R.C. minister, Rev Stella Hayton. (Chris was at All Saints Parish Church and the vicar took the service at the local United Reformed Church.) Then, in the evening, as churches, we renewed our covenant commitment to each other at a united service in which all three ministers shared.

Yesterday morning our prayer time was a particularly challenging one, with our service to the community through the George being a major theme. We also remembered those on the nearby Somerset Levels who are suffering as a result of the devastating floods.


Happy New Year Burst Ministry Bulletin

3 January 2014

We hope you had a great Christmas and have made a promising start to the New Year ~ despite all the wet stuff! We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us this year, which will hopefully include some real progress with The George!

Our new morning and evening teaching series begin on the first Sunday of the New Year and we are especially excited about our Sunday mornings when we shall be looking at some ‘Encounters with Jesus’. What a wonderful difference Christ made to the lives of all He met ~ and what a huge difference He still makes to the lives of all who encounter Him today!

Then, in the evenings, we shall be working our way through Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, which one writer describes as “a deeply personal and arousing letter ~ a response to the complex history between the Apostle Paul and the church he had established in Corinth. The circumstances behind this letter reveal the difficult, often painful realities of life in the ministry. More than any of his letters, this one shows us the heart of Paul as a pastor.”

So, if you’ve never attended one of our services before, why not come and see us? Our morning service starts at 10:30 and finishes sometime between 11:40 and 12:00, and our evening service begins at 6:30 and ends around 7:30. We’d love to see you!

19 November 2013

It’s a beautiful Martock morning as we write this little update. The sun is shining, the sky is a clear blue, and the birds are enjoying the warmer-than-average autumn temperature. Thanks for dropping in on us. We’re happy to tell us you that we’re continuing to enjoy God’s favour, for which we give Him thanks and praise!

In the past few weeks we’ve enjoyed an excellent Men’s Breakfast; a hugely enjoyable evening of dance at the ladies’ ‘Refresh’ event; a busier-than-ever ‘Messy Church’; and some wonderfully encouraging Sunday mornings. But that’s not all that happens at M.C.F. ~ not by a long way! So if you live in the Martock area, and you’ve never given us a try, why not drop in one Sunday morning, at 10.30 and see what’s happening? You can be sure of the warmest of welcomes!