26 January 2016

Nearly a month of this new year has already flown by and at last we’ve had “a cold and frosty morning”! But there’s nothing cold or frosty about coming to M.C.F.! Indeed, we trust that everyone who walks through our doors receives the very warmest of welcomes and soon feels at home with us.

Coming up on the 6th February we shall be having our first Men’s Breakfast of the new year ~ please see one of the banners above for details. Then, in the evening of the same day, we are looking forward to having our second ‘Star2Finish Quiz Night’ ~ which should be a great time of head-scratching and laughter. (Please note that this is a ticketed event and there are not many left!)


 16 December 2015

November was an exciting month as, once again, we had cause to fill our baptistery to baptise two of our young people. And we also had a wonderfully encouraging and challenging ‘Missions Sunday’, when George Verwer, (the founder of ‘Operation Mobilisation’), was with us for the day!

But, suddenly, it’s mid-December ~ though you’d hardly know it by the weather! Earlier this morning I saw a lady walking through town with just a T-shirt on top! Extraordinary! 

But it really is nearly Christmas, hence our new banners inviting you to join us at our Carol Service or our Christmas morning service. Needless to say, we’d love to see you at either or both if you’re free to join us!

7 October 2015

Time for another update as so much has happened in the past 18 days! 

Both baptismal services were times of great encouragement, with a total of four people sharing their story before their submersion!

Our ‘Fifth Tuesday’ meeting about ‘The George’ was very well attended and various updates were given with regard to our vision for its use and its continuing refurbishment. It was also great to have our local Community Services Coordinator, Tracey Smith, with us for the evening.

And a new series of men’s breakfasts started with a brilliant talk by Dr Eric Barrett, a meteorological expert and former research fellow at NASA. He asked the question, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ and provided some fascinating and compelling answers! 

Baptising Lyndsay

19 September, 2015

Apologies for the two months’ silence! We’re in the process of building a brand new M.C.F. website, which is taking up much of our techno-time for the moment! However, we have several good things to share with you!

Tomorrow morning we have a ‘triple baptism service’, when two of our ‘young people’ and one of our mums are being immersed for Jesus! Then, in a fortnight’s time, we have a further opportunity to open the baptistery.

Meanwhile, work on ‘The George’ continues steadily, with a terrific job being done by our volunteer decorating team. 

And, lastly, we’ve just started a new morning teaching series called, ‘Building healthy relationships’, which we trust will help us get even better at being a ‘relational church’. So do come and join us. We’d love to see you!

20 July, 2015

This past weekend the majority of the church was away at Hill House, near Bridgwater, where we had a wonderful time of just being and eating together, as well as some excellent times of teaching and worship. 

The sun shone, the food was great, the location was perfect and a brilliant time was had by all. We had a lot of fun, heard some encouraging testimonies, witnessed God at work, and got to know one another a little better. 

Furthermore, our new emphasis on relational church, (as opposed to a more event based church), was well and truly endorsed by our guest speaker even though he had no idea of this new direction.

0836 Pentecost congregation

18 June, 2015

This coming Sunday, 21st June, we’re looking forward to joining with our friends from the Parish Church and the United Reformed Church for our annual ‘United Outdoor Service’ at the Martock School playing field, in Elmleigh Road.

According to the BBC web site the weather is due to be favourable and so we’re very much hoping we can go ahead as planned. But if it’s wet on the day, we shall decamp to the All Saints Parish Church, for the 11 o’clock start.

So do join us and bring a chair with you, if you can. (If not, we hope to provide some basic seating for those who prefer not to sit on the ground.)

12 May, 2015

On Saturday, 9th May, we had our ‘Start2Finish Part Night’ and a brilliant time was had by all! Around 150 people came  and enjoyed an evening of great fellowship, wonderful food, and some excellent music from our especially-formed party band! 

All ages were represented and the whole thing was superbly organised from ‘Start2Finish’! There was a great family feel to the evening and a number of our newer members said that it was a great way to get know people.

It was also a fantastic fund-raising evening and, though the final figure has yet to be officially confirmed, somewhere in the region of £1,000 was raised for the continuing work on ‘The George’ project.

1771 Whole band

22nd April, 2015

Well, Easter seems a long time ago already, but what a wonderful week we had! A series of moving and powerful services, together with a well attended ‘Walk of Witness’, in spite of the inclement weather. We give thanks to God for the sense of unity we share with the other churches in the village, as well as for the Resurrection!

And another significant ‘united’ event was held just this past week when All Saints hosted our ‘Any Questions’ evening. Five of our six parliamentary candidates answered questions from the audience and it all added up to both an interesting and informative evening in this run-up to the General Election.

26th March, 2015

‘Holy Week’ is a busy week in the Christian calendar and it will certainly be so for M.C.F.. Please join us at any of the following events: 

United Maundy Thursday service, at 7:30pm on 2nd April, at the Martock United Reformed Church, in Bower Hinton.

At 9:30am on Friday, 3rd April, the ’Walk of Witness’ through the village. Then, at 10:00am, our United Good Friday service at All Saints Parish Church.

On Saturday morning, 4th April, at 8:30am, we have our final Men’s Breakfast of the current series at the M.C.F. building.

And, then, on Easter Sunday we shall celebrate Christ’s resurrection at our Easter Morning service! (Details as opposite.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 18.38.33

24th February, 2015

Everybody needs a home and every believer needs a spiritual ‘home’. So it’s been a great privilege to welcome a number of new members into the fellowship during January and February and our prayer is that they will find it to be a warm and loving environment in which they can spiritually thrive. 

We are also thankful that we were able to commission our new Pastoral Care Team this past Sunday morning and we pray that their work of visitation and encouragement will be greatly blessed. 

We are now looking forward to our next ‘Messy Church’ event, on 28th February ~ and, as ever, we would love to see you!

11th February, 2015

So where did Christmas, New Year and the month of January go?! How quickly tempus fugits! Already this year we have had much to thank God for:

Some excellent progress with our work on ‘The George’; a most encouraging ‘Men’s Retreat’; a very good ‘Pulpit Swap Sunday’, which finished with an inspiring ‘United Covenant Renewal Service’; an encouraging start to our new Sunday morning teaching series about ‘Spiritual Gifts’; and a brilliant ‘Start2Finish Quiz Night’, at which we raised over £500 for The George!